Please read the following “Frequently Asked Questions” (FAQ) carefully before availing any services from us. As we acquire domains for our customers in several processes bidding with the other competitors, domains cost us thousands of dollars. These domains are our investments and we only rent them to the prospective customers. Be noted that these domains you are using through eProfessionals are the assets of  eProfessionals and are solely owned by eProfessionals. You cannot claim ownership on these domains.

1. Do I own the domain?

A: Unless you bring in the domain, all the domains are owned by us. You are just renting them for a period of one year. That is why, the fee is very low.

2. What happens if I don’t renew the website?

A: As the domains are valuable and domains have lot of meanings and can be put into use by several businesses, another prospective business owner interested in the domain will rent it. You cannot come later and ask for renewal. If you can’t renew in a particular year and willing to renew it another year, let us inform beforehand, so that we will not rent it to other business owners.

3. If I want to purchase the domain off you, what I should do?

A: As domains are in great demand and we acquire them through online auction sites paying thousands of dollars, they are investment for us and we would not be ready to sell them. If you are ready to pay three to five times our acquiring costs ($$$$ figure), we will consider selling them to you. Please contact us through the contact form.

4.  What happens to the e-mails, site, and other data if I fail to renew it?

A: You will loose all the data hosted on the domain. If you need a copy of all the data, do let us know before expiring of renewal period.

5. Can I bring my site for development?

A: Yes..you can. In this case, domain ownership will remain with you.